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Planning Out the Most Important Day
of your Life

Your wedding is the day you’ve looked forward to for as long as you remember, and it is the job of the wedding photographer to immortalize this day for you. Your wedding is essentially an ongoing series of moments strung together and I can promise you, as your photographer, that I will capture these moments so you may cherish them forever.

It is the job of the photographer to catch the emotion and beauty of your wedding naturally, that’s why I’ve spent my career mastering the art of non-intrusive photography. Your special day will be filled with hundreds of spontaneous, magical moments and I look forward to capturing them for you forever. You are also never under any obligation to meet with me when discussing your wedding photography plans.

Scripting your Photos

While the unscripted moments of your wedding day may end up being the ones you cherish most in your memory, there are also times that call for scripted photographs, as well. But we know time is precious during your wedding day, so I will work with you to determine how many scripted shots you would like and where you want them taken. As important as wedding photography is, I know that this special day is meant to be spent with your new life-partner, friends and family, not posing for pictures.

We have a comprehensive package of posed photographs that we offer. They include:

  1. A wedding picture for your local paper
  2. A series of shots before the ceremony with friends and family
  3. Photographs during the ceremony
  4. Post-ceremony shots posed as you wish
  5. Any series of reception shots that you would like

General Photography

Photography captures a moment in time that we want to remember. We use photography to experence the growth of our children as they participate in various activities and events. We also have the desire to remember our pets in the same way, I know I do. Capturing them in various fun and competitive events is important to our memory of them. As your photographer, I will capture those moments so that you can share and remember with your friends and family.